How it works

YARD functions as a transport layer, converting any recipient user identifier (credential) sender knows, whether it's a phone number, email address, or Telegram login, into a blockchain address where cryptocurrency can be send. It doesn't matter if the recipient is registered with the service, they can always access the funds by verifying ownership of the identifier to which the funds were sent. After verification, the cryptocurrency can be withdrawn to any user wallet.

Registered users can configure how they want to receive funds:

  • directly, in which case YARD will simply provide the linked address without the involvement of a custodian.

  • through a custodian, with the ability to enable an additional layer of privacy and access to extended YARD services.

It's worth noting that YARD implements the Know Your Transaction (KYT) procedure, and all transactions are checked for involvement in illicit activities. If there are suspicions, identity verification will be required, and the source of funds will need to be explained. Similarly, identity verification will be necessary if a user wants to withdraw the received funds from their YARD account into fiat currency (off-ramps).

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