Get Currencies

Get supported blockchain tokens

Description: This API endpoint allows you to retrieve a list of currencies supported by the Yard Finance service. The response will provide information about each currency, including their network, name and ticker.


Method: GET


Response: The response will be a JSON object containing an array of currency objects. Each currency object will have the following properties:

  • network: blockchain network,

  • name: full token name,

  • ticker: token ticker

Example Request:

GET /v1/blockchain/currencies

Example Response:

    "network": "btc",
    "name": "Bitcoin",
    "ticker": "btc"
    "network": "eth",
    "name": "Ethereum",
    "ticker": "eth"
    "network": "bsc",
    "name": "Ethereum (Binance Smart Chain)",
    "ticker": "eth"
  }, ...

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